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For further information about LifeRing in Ireland Call 1800 938 768 or email us at or complete this online form.


Or feel free to turn up at any of the LifeRing meetings and you will be made welcome.

Information about LifeRing 'HQ' in California is availabe on their website. Books setting out the LifeRing philosophy and methods are also available from their website bookstore. These include Martin Nicolaus's 'Empowering Your Sober Self' which explains LifeRing and the self help workbook 'Recovery by Choice'.

The Children of Lir

N.B. If you don't live near a face-to-face meeting LifeRing also runs supervised online chat-room discussion groups and moderated meetings during which each person is given a chance to contribute. Others again simply prefer the anonymity of this sort of communication. Many people have become sober by relying solely on the online meetings and their own efforts. Of course it is possible to avail of both online and face-to-face meetings. It is a heartening experience to make connections with people from all over the world - all sharing the challenges and successes of maintaining recovery. You need never be alone. Details of the meetings are available here.