Convenor Training in Dublin

Eighteen members of LifeRing in Ireland, from Cork in the south, Kerry in the west, Belfast in the north, Clonmel in the midlands and Dublin in the east, met at 4, Merchant's Quay, Dublin for a training day organised by the Dublin LifeRing group.  The day was the first time such a national group had had a chance to meet in Ireland, so was a great networking opportunity as well as a useful and stimulating skill-sharing event. 

4, Merchant's Quay Dublin
The aim of the day was to identify and develop the skills used by LifeRing convenors to run succesful groups.  The sessions in the morning were run by experienced convenors from Belfast and Dublin on the subjects of the role of the convenor, convening skills, handling challenging situations and what resources are available to convenors.

Therese Gaynor and Noel O'Driscoll
The afternoon session was run by Therese Gaynor and  Noel O' Driscoll of The Embodied Psychotherapy Centre.   Participants were facilitated to experience key aspects of a LifeRing group and to discuss the experience in a unique and powerful session which drew on and developed the learning from the morning.  Many met afterwards for tea and a chat .  The only disappointment was that the day was too short, and it was agreed to meet again for more of the same in the near future.  Overall, an invigorating and thought-provoking day.