An independent discussion of LifeRing

Three responses below to Jazz's question from a public discussion forum.

"Can anyone briefly describe LifeRing?  I am just looking for a brief one or two sentence that highlights the fundamental approach. Thanks! Jazz"

"LifeRing: Uses the 3-S Philosophy (secularity, sobriety, self-help). Path to recovery is an individual matter; there is no program. SOS views sobriety as relying on human effort and motivation. Religious beliefs are kept private. Meetings are to reinforce the desire to quit drinking (online, email, F2F). Main book: “Empowering Your Sober Self”.

"I began attending Life Ring meeting here in Dublin 3 weeks ago. Jazz, its exactly what you are looking for (support group). Its very laid back, and people just discuss there previous weeks struggles and concerns etc. I found it very comforting and enjoyed the support/understanding from people in same boat. There was no intimidation, just kind people I could relate to. (Like being FTF SR). Be interesting to hear how you both Jazz and Fantail get on at your meetings. I actually find myself looking forward to Tuesday night meetings, where I can really be myself around like minded people".
"hi all,

i've been an active LR member for years (active as in on the on-line forum and going to f2f meetings my first couple of years of sobriety) and can tell you that there is no LR dogma. it's about as anti-dogmatic as it gets, as an organization. except for the "sobriety =100% abstinence" definition, and welcoming those who desire that.

The workbook people are talking about is "Recovery by Choice", written by Martin Nicolaus, founder of LifeRing.

it is full of self-exploratory questions, and though i didn't answer them in writing, i did read the whole thing a couple of times. found it very very useful, stimulating and provocative. you can access a sample chapter online, i think The LifeRing Home Page | Sobriety, Secularity, Self-Help.

when i first got sober, i read sobriety stuff voraciously, and this is a great book, well worth the investment of time and money. you can order it on-line.

the format there (as is usual) is "how was your week", the focus being on the last few days and upcoming challenges in the next little while. crosstalk is an encouraged feature of LR meetings, and what's meant by that is basically a conversation with feedback to and from each other".
"This is really helpful.  I will check out a meeting".